Most illnesses and health situations are varied with a wide-range of solutions, many with advantages and disadvantages.  Natural medicine brings a wide set of options into consideration that can be tailored to fit with your beliefs and treatment goals.  I look forward to meeting you and invite you to experience the power that comes from letting nature and the innate ability of your body to heal itself.

Health Coaching
This is a  program for the one serious about getting their health and wellness on-track.  Dr. Mark provides accountability, coaching, and dispensary discounts for a flat monthly fee.  Options are also available if you live too far away to get to the clinic.  Check it out at NW Health Coaching.

Wellness Seminars
Nature Works offers six-week Living Compass TM Whole Person Wellness groups for you to explore, reflect, and implement changes in your life that will bring increased pride, progress, and wellness. Wellness Seminars and wellness retreats for your group, church, or organization are available.  They can be on individual health topics including vaccination care, food allergies, men’s health, women’s health, dieting, caregiver support, pediatric care, weight management and menopause; or they can be broader topics like Defining Wellness, Care for the Whole Person, etc.


Acutonics is the use of different tuning fork frequencies on the body. It is based on Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine.  The energy of different tones is applied to different meridian points to alter chi flow.  Uses: Stress relief, Chi balance, and treatment a variety of health problems.

Computerized Thermography
CRT is a totally safe, non-invasive, FDA-approved diagnostic tool for health screening. It measures the temperature at approximately 120 points before and after stress. From these readings it can be determined whether the organs of the body are being affected by cancer, inflammation, infection, environmental stress, or toxicity.  An alternative to mammograms can be done with this safe technology.  Contact me for an appointment.

My dispensary is available online for anyone who wishes to use it.  Click on this link to go to it.  Create an account for yourself and browse either my personal supplement picks, or look for your favorite products among over 250 professional healthcare supplement manufacturers.

Hair Analysis
One of the primary ways to discover what your mineral balance is like is to have a hair analysis done.  It also will identify whether you have been exposed to any toxic heavy metals such as lead.  I collect a small sample of hair and send it the lab.  Results come back in about 10 days.  The cost is $97.   

Food Allergy Treatment
I have seventeen years of experience in the diagnosis and management of food allergies and how they affect overall physical health.  Call me today for a free consultation to discuss and find solutions to your specific allergy issues.

Health Planning
Dr. Mark can help sort out your health goals and prioritize each of your treatment options, as well as suggest others.  He’s happy to work with other physicians to help you succeed.

Hot Rock Massage & Physical Medicine
Hot rocks can be applied to painfully tight muscles with therapeutic benefits; or you can just lay under a cozy blanket, stare at the river and de-stress.  If you have a more significant muscle issue, there's therapeutic ultrasound, muscle energy stretching, electrical muscle stimulation and positive galvanic approaches. 

House Calls
My office is on a second floor in a building with NO elevator.  If that is a problem for you, please call.  I will make a house call.  Also, in serious illness situations, Dr. Mark is happy to visit your home or hospital.

Medical Companion
For Elderly patients:  Dr. Mark can provide limited home health care, make house calls, supplement recommendations by health care professional and give second opinions on other medical care.
For Serious Illness:  Dr. Mark can attend appointments with other physicians and specialists and ask appropriate questions to clarify key health issues, interpret medical jargon, and coordinate your care.  He can meet with your family to help explain everything medically and can come to assist you as you need him. 

Nutritional Counseling
Diet and weight management are crucial components in “setting the stage” for wellness and healing.  What you eat can help your body function at peak efficiency.  Dr. Mark can help you put together an eating plan that will help your body lose fat, detox, and stay healthy.

Dr. Mark provides well-baby checks and vaccination counseling.

Physical Therapy
Dr. Mark can perform many of the treatment programs physical therapists perform.

Women’s Health
Menopause Counseling with herbal support and natural hormone replace therapy, and bone health counseling. Mammogram:  Dr. Mark’s Computerized Thermography machine can screen for breast problems, without any exposure to ionizing radiation (x-rays.)  Contact me for an appointment.