What's An Appointment Like?

This is the door to another way to look at health -- health from a proactive wellness side, not from a fix what's broken side.  I do work to fix what's broken, we just help your body do it right and in a complete way.

I have a one guy office.  There is no receptionist and possibly, if I'm with another patient when you arrive, nobody even to greet you.  There is a clipboard on the coffee table with a brief intake form.  You can fill that out while you wait.

The rest of appointment resembles any other medical visit encounter except that there will be plenty of time for talking and the telling of your story and getting all your questions answered.

I'll usually supply you with a number of options and explanations.  Options range from doing nothing, to making lifestyle and dietary changes, to natural supplements, to pharmaceutical drug intervention if deemed necessary.  I've been told I can overwhelm you with all the choices, so wave your arms if you feel you're drowning in info.  I invite you to choose the path that intuitively feels best to you.  You are always in charge.