Rule of Life Form

Today’s Date:

Your Given Name:                                           Other names you have or wish to claim:

My focus statement: (This is from step VIII after you have done everything else)

I.                    Who Are You?
A.      I was born in:
B.      Child of:
C.      I think others see me as:
D.     But, I see myself as:

II.                  Brief History: What’s Gotten You to Where You Are?
A.      I grew up:. 
B.      I’ve had these (formative) major events in my life:
C.      My Christian walk has included these events/issues:    
D.     I keep bumping into these particular events from my past: 

III.                Problems: What Obstacles Are In Your Way?
A.      My greatest short-coming is: 
B.      My deepest regret was/is:
C.      My greatest weakness is:
D.     Other physical, emotional, or spiritual interference do you experience in making your life like you would like it to be? 
E.      Problematic relationships that hinder my growth: 
F.       Past unresolved events that continue to “haunt”: 

IV.                Assets: What Gifts or Skills Are You Grateful For?
A.      Name one or two things you are especially good at: 
B.      Name one or two people who have mentored you or given you sustenance: 
C.      Name one or two people who you rely upon now: 
D.     What has your education given you:
E.      What material assets do you have that strengthen your sense of well-being? 
F.       What skills do you have that others might want?
V.                  Personal Habits:
A.       Sleep
B.      Exercise
C.      I eat meals with others I care about   Y   N
D.     I eat whole food, non-processed healthy meals.
E.      I drink more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day.   Y    N
F.       I feel too much stress in my life.  Y   N    Where is this coming from?
G.     I don’t smoke, or use illegal drugs.   Y   N
H.     I don’t overuse prescription painkillers or drugs.   Y   N
I.        I have at least one daily prayer time.    Y     N
J.        Are you overweight?    Y   N

VI.                Plan: What Do You Want to Change?
A.      Review Section III – Is there anything you would like to change
B.      Review Section IV – Are there skills, talents, or people you’d like to add?
C.      Review Section V – What personal habits would you like to work on?

VII.              Targets to Aim At: Specific Goals and Objectives
A.      What programs or conscious efforts have you been doing that you would like to continue?
B.      What issues have you identified that you simply want to begin monitoring more closely?  (Awareness is the first step to change.)
C.      What specific targets, in part seen in Section VI, do you want to make goals for yourself?
D.     What targets do you see that you would like to take on in the future, but not at the present time?
E.      Review A-D for where God fits in.

In 1-3 sentences write a focus statement that affirms who you are and what you are about or what you want to be in the coming year.  This can be your by-line.  It should be upbeat and positive so that it can work as an affirmation to you.  Get in the habit of saying it to yourself throughout your day so you can quickly re-ground or focus.  It could be a verse of scripture, or a statement you write for yourself.