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I’m Mark Fredericksen, naturopathic physician at NatureWorks Health Clinic.  Naturopaths are licensed primary care physicians in the State of Washington.  We seek to find ways both to treat the body naturally and to encourage it to do the job of healing itself.  If you are on this site, you may be ready to think a little more broadly than just using traditional western medicine. 
As a naturopathic physician I can help you with both traditional western approaches and more natural ones as well.  Together we can encourage your body to do its own work a little more effectively.  I have a particular interest and experience in addictions, anxiety, depression, and attention disorders.

You will never be a number or a condition here.  Everything, no matter how small or "weird," is a piece to your health puzzle.  What you are experiencing and going through is real no matter how inexplicable it may appear to be.  What you are going through with your health can take time and discernment to discover.  There is an answer somewhere.  You will get heard and together we will embark on finding some answers.