I’m Mark Fredericksen, naturopathic physician at NatureWorks Health Clinic.  Naturopaths are licensed primary care physicians in the State of Washington.  We seek to find ways both to treat the body naturally and to encourage it to do the job of healing itself.  If you are on this site, you may be ready to think a little more broadly than just using traditional western medicine. 
As a naturopathic physician I can help you with both traditional western approaches and more natural ones as well.  Together we can encourage your body to do its own work a little more effectively.

Office Calls
 How does this natural medicine process work?  Not a lot different than any other doctor's office you've been to, except we spend a lot more time talking about your health.  Frequently, minor symptoms and health issues that you have learned to live with add up to provide clues as to where your chief complaint begins.  Included with the interview is typically a physical examination specific to the complaint, or more broadly in the case of full annual/employmen/work physicals, which are also available. 

What About Lab Tests?
The benefit of working with a naturopath is that we can order any of conventional medicine's lab tests that you have always associated with "going to the doctor."    We regularly order and interpret such tests as blood work, x-rays, CT scans, pap smears, and ultrasounds.  I'll go over the results WITH you and we'll use them to help you listen to what your body is saying and how we can encourage it to do its job.  We can also order lab and diagnostic tests that you won’t typically find in a conventional clinic like food allergy panels, thermography scans, nutritional assessments, stress evaluations, and others.
What About Your Medications?
Sometimes sick bodies need pharmaceutical help, like with antibiotics.  As a licensed primary care physician I can and will write those prescriptions when necessary but it's equally important to look at what is causing that need.  We are not born with deficiencies of any pharmaceutical drug.  Finding the imbalance or obstacle to healing so pharmaceutical drugs can be reduced or eliminated is a worthwhile health goal and a less expensive and simpler way to live.
What About My Insurance?
The larger medical insurance companies cover naturopathic care.  I have contracts with Regence, Premera, Aetna, Cigna, and Uniform health plans.   These can be billed from my office. 

Listening Ear and Fresh Perspective
You aren't a number,  a condition, or a set of lab values at NatureWorks Health Clinic.  Everything you say is a piece of your health puzzle.  What you are feeling and experiencing is true, no matter how odd or inexplicable.  The cause of what you are experiencing can take time and discernment to discover.  A variety of perspectives and possibilities are usually explored with you.  The one(s) with the best medical logic that resonate best with you are the ones we pursue first.